I received a bad INVEST Evaluation. What can I do?

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The law that governs PDAS has many hoops that the appraiser must jump through in order to successfully complete a PDAS. If a hoop is missed, it may be to your advantage. If you received your Observation summary and you noticed that one or more domain totals falls within the "below expectations or "unsatisfactory" range, you may have some recourse.

(c) Each domain shall be scored independently. The evaluation of each of the domains shall consider all data generated in the appraisal process. The data for the appraisal of each domain shall be gathered from observations, the Teacher Self-Report Form, and other documented sources.

  • Did your appraiser use the other documentation in his/her determination of your scores? You have the right to request to see ALL of the supplemental documentation used. If any of that documentation has not been shared with you within 10 days of the date the appraiser first knew of an incident, It cannot be used. (for example: any notes made regarding your performance should have been shared with you in writing, if they are to be used in determining your evaluation).

(1)  at least one classroom observation of a minimum of 45 minutes as identified in subsection (g) of this section, with additional walk-throughs and observations conducted at the discretion of the appraiser;

  • Always note the time your appraiser walks into your room for the formal observation and the time the appraiser left. It should add up to 45 minutes and no less, unless you CONSENTED to have it broken up into smaller increments. If the appraiser did not stay for 45 minutes and you have an accurate record to back up your claim, you may challenge  it.

(2)  a written summary of each observation, which shall be given to teachers within ten working days after the completion of an observation, with a pre- and post-observation conference conducted at the request of the teacher or appraiser;

  • Did your appraiser give you your observation summary within the time frame specified? If not, then it is not a valid document and may be challenged. It is also a good idea to request (in writing, preferably e-mail)a pre-observation conference in the beginning of the year to find out what your appraiser will be looking for. If you do not get that conference and you are observed anyway, it may be challenged. Why? because you were not given your opportunity (under the law) to conference with your appraiser about what he/she will be expecting to see in your class during the observation.

Observations during the appraisal period must be conducted during the required days of instruction for students during one school year. The appraisal calendar shall exclude observations in the three weeks following the day of completion of the PDAS orientation, prohibit observations on the last day of instruction before any official school holiday or on any other day deemed inappropriate by the school district board of trustees, and  indicate a period for summative annual conferences that ends no later than 15 working days before the last day of instruction for students.

  • If you were observed outside of the appraisal calendar, your PDAS may be challenged.


(f)  The appraiser is responsible for documentation of the cumulative data identified in subsection (b)(5) of this section. Any third-party information from a source other than the teacher's supervisor that the appraiser wishes to include as cumulative data shall be verified and documented by the appraiser. Any documentation that will influence the teacher's summative annual appraisal report must be shared in writing with the teacher within ten working days of the appraiser's knowledge of the occurrence. The principal shall also be notified in writing when the appraiser is not the teacher's principal.


  • Hearsay  must verified and DOCUMENTED by the appraiser. Any cumulative documentation that the appraiser wishes to use in determining your PDAS score must be shared with you within 10 days of the appraiser's knowledge of the incident. Why? because if your appraiser is aware that you are doing something wrong or that you need improvement in an area and does not address it with you, then you are not being given the chance to correct your behavior. Ultimately the goal of PDAS is to "improve student performance through the professional development of the teacher". Who loses when you are not made aware of deficiencies early on? The student. Who then becomes accountable for deficiencies which you were not made aware of in writing when the appraiser first knew? The appraiser. Your PDAS may be challenged.

(b) When a teacher is designated as a teacher in need of assistance, the appraiser and/or the teacher's supervisor shall, in consultation with the teacher, develop an intervention plan.

  • The key words are "in consultation with". If your appraiser just hands you an already prepared growth plan or TINA and tells you to sign it, you are not being "consulted with". Therefore, it may be challenged.

These are just a few things to think about regarding your PDAS. PLEASE keep in mind that if every domain total is proficient or higher, it may not be a wise choice to challenge it. Proficient is what they are looking for. As Always, consult your union for help when dealing with a PDAS issue. 281-847-3050




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