Can a Principal take away your planning time and duty free lunch during TAKS time?

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The law requires 450 minutes of planning time every two weeks, in chunks of at least 45 minutes. If your planning period is preempted on TAKS day, then the equivalent amount of planning time must be added on another day within the same two-week period. The law on duty-free lunch allows the principal to require a teacher to supervise students during what would otherwise be a duty-free lunch time, but only on one day in a given week in case of "personnel shortage, extreme economic conditions, or an unavoidable or unforeseen circumstance," according to the Texas Administrative Code. The code states: "Unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances exist when, due to illness, epidemic, or natural or man-made disaster, a school district is unable to find an individual to supervise students during lunch." TAKS testing alone would not appear to fall into this definition.