Aldine AFT Wins National PSRP Award

Aldine AFT was presented the national PSRP Union Workplace Advocacy Award for the second year in a row at the PSRP Conference in Minneapolis, MN March 21, 2013. Pictured at the local Aldine AFT office are members receivint the award.

Planning Time Rights & Information

We have received a number of calls recently regarding planning time rights. According to law, each classroom teacher is entitled to at least 450 minutes within each two-week period for instructional preparation, including parent-teacher conferences, evaluating students’ work, and planning. A planning and preparation period under this section may not be less than 45 minutes within the instructional day. Click here to download our flyer or click to read more about a teacher's planning time rights.

Member Dues Deduction Update

Due to an error with the Aldine ISD Payroll Department, members dues deductions for the last weeks in August were not made. Regular dues deductions will resume and be noted on the September 20 payroll report. If members have questions, please call 281/847-3050.

Take the Self Defense Pledge for Texas Workers' Pensions

The attacks on teachers, firefighters, nurses and other dedicated public employees are coming to Texas. Some very rich individuals who want even more wealth have financed national attacks on public-sector workers. These business interests want to end traditional pension systems as we know them and convert them to riskier 401(k)-style accounts that would benefit the financial industry, not workers. Take The Pledge to Protect Your Pension!